Friday, August 7, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Weston and I just got back from our doctor's appointment and ultrasound and now know that we are having a precious BABY GIRL! In highschool and college, Weston nicknamed me, "Baby Girl", would always call me that, cathing flack from his friends. Now, he will have, his own real Baby Girl!! The ultrasound went so well and was so much fun. The technician said that everything looked normal and that nothing she saw concerned her, so what wonderful blessings we have had today!! When Weston and I walked out of the ultrasound room, we had another blessing waiting for us. Our dear friend Courtney and her two boys, McCoy and Hudson, were waiting there with a boy and girl gift in hand to surprise us! It was so great to share the news and to graciously receive our baby girl's first little gift, a hunting cap, camo equipped and all, with a touch of pink and the word's "Future Hunting Princess"! How adorable!! We can't wait to get started on picking out the perfect name for our princess and decorating her nursery! Thank you all for your prayers over our little angel!!! Oh how wer are blessed! I will post pictures of Baby Hamilton this weekend!

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