Friday, August 7, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Weston and I just got back from our doctor's appointment and ultrasound and now know that we are having a precious BABY GIRL! In highschool and college, Weston nicknamed me, "Baby Girl", would always call me that, cathing flack from his friends. Now, he will have, his own real Baby Girl!! The ultrasound went so well and was so much fun. The technician said that everything looked normal and that nothing she saw concerned her, so what wonderful blessings we have had today!! When Weston and I walked out of the ultrasound room, we had another blessing waiting for us. Our dear friend Courtney and her two boys, McCoy and Hudson, were waiting there with a boy and girl gift in hand to surprise us! It was so great to share the news and to graciously receive our baby girl's first little gift, a hunting cap, camo equipped and all, with a touch of pink and the word's "Future Hunting Princess"! How adorable!! We can't wait to get started on picking out the perfect name for our princess and decorating her nursery! Thank you all for your prayers over our little angel!!! Oh how wer are blessed! I will post pictures of Baby Hamilton this weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picture Perfect!

Weston's brother and his beautiful family came for a visit one weekend in July and we had a great time sharing our home with them. Saturday night, we headed down to the river to take some family pictures of them and I personally think they turned out well....maybe that's because I was the photographer! After taking some pics, skipping a few rocks and spotting a couple of deer, we headed back to the house to finish preparing dinner and to grub. Unfortunately, Weston and Lyndon were in charge of the meats and opted to bar-b-que. If anyone knows Lyndon, he loves to bar-b-que and when he does, we usually don't eat until 10:30 at the earliest. By 10:30, D'laine, Drew, Bryce and I were starving and our eyes were slowing shutting from the day. We decided to eat the dinner side dishes without the meat as we kept getting a "15 minutes more" update which never seemed to come! They joined us for church the next morning and we headed back to the house to eat the delicious left over chicken and ribs that we had missed out on the night before. All in all, the visit was so wonderful! Weston mentioned that he loves it when our guest bedrooms and dining room table are full. Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce quick enough so if anyone is up for a visit to Boerne, we would love to have you!

Here are a couple of pics that we took down at the river bottom......

The 4th!!

So, I know that this is a couple of weeks overdue but as I am on vacation this week, I figured I had no excuse! The 4th of July was a great weekend for Weston and me! As most of you know, we live in a retirement community, which has its perks! There are always neighbors home during the day, keeping an eagle eye on your home and everyone who comes in and out of the community. Also, they love to celebrate any holiday, especially the 4th by hosting a 4th of July Parade and oh so yummy pot-luck lunch at the park. Our resident grandparents, Carl & Maxine invited us to ride with them in the parade on their golf-cart, equipped with red, white & blue decorations of course and we were happy to oblige. Just a little background on Carl & Maxine....Carl is the essence of an old country boy, in his seventies who loves to mow his pasture with his tractor and fix up old jeeps. Maxine is a modern day Cinderella. I swear she has befriended every animal within a mile radius. She has opened her backyard as a safe haven for several birds, twin fawns, and even a jack rabbit, she has named Jenny. She can walk out her back door and call, "Jenny" and hopping around the corner will be Jenny, anxiously awaiting her dinner of grapes. Anyways, the parade was a success....we honked horns and waived to all of the animals that we saw, as there was no one watching because we were all in the parade! It was fun to meet some of the other families or couples living here and not to mention the pot-luck lunch....don't you just love pot-luck! I do as I am always guaranteed a little mac&cheese!

Saturday evening, my parents came down for a little R&R. We drove over to Fredericksburg for dinner at August E's where my dad thought he was ordering some wine and discovered sake. We had a great time over a great meal! On our way home, we stopped at Lukenbach for a little boot-skootin on an old slick dance floor! It was such a pretty night!

Sunday we were off to church early to help set up Sprinkles. We have thus far, learned how to set-up and tear-down a pack-n-play, swings, and a couple of other baby things for which I do not know the name. It has been a great experience and we have met some really nice people.

Hope you all had an equally exciting 4th!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weston & Kim +1

Well, after almost 3 years of marriage, raising from birth two adorable puppies, Gus and Bella, building a home in the hill country, and starting and maintaining some what exciting careers, we decided to make life a little more exciting, a little more crazy, and a little more FUN by adding a baby to the mix. Weston and I are going to be parents and we couldn't be more thrilled! We have seen the flutter of the heart beat in a sonogram, seen our beautiful baby (girl or boy???) and discovered what a yoke sack is, which sounds pretty gross but is pretty vital! We love our doctor who we never would have found if it wasn't for some pretty amazing "mommy" role models in my know who you are! We are pretty confident in our ability to raise a child as we have had over 4 years experience in caring for Gus and Bella, who in their own right, claim to be humans....who are we to shatter their dreams! All in all, I am feeling pretty great, except for the small disappointment that my clothes seem to be shrinking....oh well, just another excuse to hit the shops! I would love any cool - trendy - not too over the top price wise, shopping tips for maternity clothes if any are out there. My due date is December 31st so we are planning on ringing in the new year like never before!!